Embracing the Natirar Lifestyle, A Table-at-the-Farm Getaway for All the Senses

The demand for our time is greater than ever before. It’s ironic in part, considering all of our technological advances touted as “time-saving,” yet that’s the way of the world these days – busy, busy, busy. Or, rather, the way the world says we should be.

There’s a richness to life that we’ll miss if we don’t commit ourselves to preserving sections of time for, well, us. Time, for us, is the exact purpose behind Natirar.

Natirar – A Destination for the Senses

Imagine, a countryside destination merely 40 minutes outside of New York City, where you can savor everything on your own time. An estate set within the rolling hills of Somerset County, New Jersey. A place where nature presents it’s delightful ensemble. A setting which features a farm, restaurant and cooking school. A destination where your table is actually at the farm. 

natirar ninety acres foodNatirar is committed to offering a lifestyle of savoring, so one can take the time to enjoy the finest indulgences life offers. Currently, right now, at this very moment, you can take a trip to Natirar and take your time…

– Exploring the estate’s sustainable farm – seasonally featuring crops, livestock and more.
– Dining at the exquisite Ninety Acres Restaurant, which features a variety of dining options, bars and event spaces.
– Strolling around the expansive property.
Exchanging nuptials and celebrating your first moments of matrimony surrounded by loved ones.

Yet, it’s only a fraction of what Natirar is to be.

Natirar is undergoing a creative rebirth. An estate rooted in history, circa 1912, its historical roots are being preserved, while it’s being transforming for a luxurious future. The original creators of the magnificent estate were part of New York City’s elite and longed for a place to just get away from it all. Longing turned into doing, and Natirar was born.

A Place You Can Indulge in Sense Satiation. 

natirarAt Natirar, every sense gets to enjoy itself.


Treat your taste buds at Ninety Acres, The Farm, and The Cooking School. Natirar’s sustainable farm supports the restaurant. This isn’t farm to table cuisine, it’s a table at the farm.

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Feast your eyes on the majestic landscape – rolling hills, thick forests, and a river running through the estate. Take in the spectacular architecture of the Mansion and Ninety Acres, dating back to 1912 when the buildings were originally constructed. You’ll delight in the elegant furnishings, hand-picked wall art, and attention to detail throughout.


You can touch the landscape, and even architecture if you so desire, but the real treat of touch is in the professional hands of the spa attendants. Further, serenity and tranquility will await with the sense of healing touch from professional spa attendants at the future Natirar Spa, coming soon. 


natirarYour nose will rejoice in the clear, fresh air that envelops the estate. Ever changing scents based on the season ensure there’s always a new scent to enjoy. Breathe in the landscape and realize the healing powers of nature. Allow your nose to savor the aromas of world-class chefs at work, fine wines, cognacs, beer, and more at Ninety Acres Restaurant.


Your heart will sing as your ears take in the soft whisperings of the breeze and the crunching of leaves or snow. Take in the sounds of birds chirping, woodpeckers pecking, and other animals at play in the trees. Delight in the squeals of children playing, friends rejoicing, and couples marrying. The clinking of glasses, silverware and plates will waft from the restaurant. Laughter, chatter, and exclamations will be constant sounds from the guests taking the time to enjoy life to the fullest.

Right now, you can visit for a day to treat all your senses to a feast, or to meander around the property.

Natirar is more than just a place, it’s a lifestyle. An escape designed to enliven all the senses. Visit alone, with your family, for a work excursion, to get married, or for any other reason of your choosing. Get your first taste of life’s richness now, and return next summer to revel in new enrichments of the Natirar dream.


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