How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Venue

how to pick the perfect wedding venue

Beauty, ambiance, location, comfort, excitement, prestige, tradition… there are an extraordinary amount of considerations to make when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue.

One of the most exciting days of one’s life should take place at the most ideal venue possible, right? Absolutely! For an event as meaningful and life-changing as a wedding, everything must be perfect, especially the venue.

If you’re recently engaged or have reached the point in your planning process where it’s time to begin scoping out venues, congratulations! You’re about to be one step closer to saying “I do,” and welcoming in this next chapter of your life. To ensure the planning process is without unnecessary stress or setbacks, here’s how to pick the perfect wedding venue.

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

First, Make These Considerations BEFORE Touring Any Venues

Save time and effort by pinning down a few key details before visiting the venue in person.

  • Estimate how many guests you envision
  • Figure out, with your fiance, how much money you can allocate to the venue
  • Choose your wedding date, or at least have options of wedding date choices
  • Go through wedding planner blogs, photographer blogs, and do general research to try and find previous wedding photos of the venues you might consider

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Familiarize Yourself With Your Tastes and Style Preferences

how to pick the perfect wedding venueYou’ll save time if you can begin to pinpoint which style of wedding you desire, and then limit your venue visits to venues that fit in with your vision. Perhaps you want a fairytale-esque setting, or perhaps you prefer more of a rustic-chic style. The venue sets the ambiance for the wedding, so try to be as clear in your vision as possible. Consider:

  • Which season
  • Indoor or outdoor reception
  • Sturdy walls or flowing drapes
  • Chandeliers or twinkle lights
  • Geographical features – mountains, beach, coastline, forest, desert, valley
  • Elegant or casual
  • Trendy or classic

Don’t Forget to Factor in Each and Every Space You’ll Need

Pin down which purposes you’ll need the venue to serve. Is everything happening at the venue – ceremony, reception, cocktails, etc.? Is the venue solely for the reception? Will there be dancing? There are plenty of benefits to having each part of the wedding be at the same venue – you won’t have to deal with transport, for one. However you envision the day going, just be clear on what that vision is as you consider venues.

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It’s Time to Visit! Don’t Forget…

how to pick the perfect wedding venueVisiting the venues is exciting, sometimes so exciting it’s easy to forget certain considerations:

  • Take pictures and videos! You’ll thank yourself later when you’re trying to decide between a few favorite options.
  • Pay attention to the color schemes and details the venue already has, this will be imperative later as you start brainstorming design details.
  • Observe the lighting and be sure it’s adequate for the photography.
  • Notice the privacy level and decide if it works for you or not.
  • Pay attention to the logistics of the venue, is it easy to get around? Is it chaotic and confusing or cohesive and elegant?
  • How are the acoustics?
  • What is the parking situation?

Weather Contingency Plan

Have one.

Get Down to The Nitty Gritty Details

The more details you can discern now, the better. It will not be fun to choose a venue, just to find out later you aren’t allowed to use your best-friend/wedding cake designer, for example.

  • Is there an on-site coordinator? If so what are they expected to do? This way you can decide if you’ll need to hire anyone else
  • Are there vendor restrictions? If so, does that matter to you or not?
  • Ask about all things catering
  • Know exactly how long the party can go on for, and for how much. It’s also useful to know if there are any fees for going over the time limit

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Hopefully, the above list of considerations, questions to ask, and situations to prepare for will help guide you as you tour venues in the quest to find the perfect one. If at all possible, try not to rush or feel pressured. The best way to look for a venue is at your own pace, with a calm heart and mind, and with the input of both parties. Worry not, you will find the perfect venue for your wedding. Take a deep breath and get excited!

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