Bring Your Rustic Chic Dream Wedding to Life With These Inspiring Tips and Ideas

rustic chic wedding ideas

Dreaming of rolling hills, wooden signs, lace, twine, moss, or mason jars? Sounds like you might be dreaming of a rustic chic style wedding! A rustic chic wedding is ideal for couples who envision a quiet, elegant, and romantic wedding surrounded by a vast open beautiful natural landscape.

If you’ve already decided that the style of your impending wedding is going to be rustic chic, then it’s time to start bringing your dream to life! As far as wedding styles go, rustic chic encompasses a vast array of options, ideas, and details. Truly, there are endless options from which to choose. Considering all of the details can be overwhelming. Instead, focus on making a few bigger detail decisions first, and then the rest will fall into place. Here are some tips to get you started. 

Rustic Chic Wedding Ideas to Get You Started

Envision Your Ideal Setting

rustic chic wedding ideasOne of the key components of a rustic wedding is the scene, or venue if you will. For some, a rustic wedding brings images of a barn or farm, and for others, a rolling countryside comes to mind. To help you narrow down your choices when it comes to venue shopping, consider these rustic chic wedding ideas:

  • Unspoiled Countryside
  • Forest
  • Charming Barn
  • Ranch
  • Mountainside/Mountain View
  • Vineyard

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Embrace Your Dream Colors

Choosing a color palette to work with for your rustic chic wedding is an essential step in the planning process. Once chosen, the color palate can help guide you through some of the other choices, i.e. bridesmaid and groomsmen colors. First, consider texture; rustic chic often means grainy woods, burlap, canvas, etc. Next, play to the season. Some seasonal ideas include: 

  • Spring’s Soft Pastels – think ballerina pink, a gentle turquoise, a light champagne
  • Summer’s Vibrant Earth Colors – A mixture of lavender hues and different shades of green
  • Fall’s Deep Rustic Shades – Shades of browns, tans, and whites
  • Winter’s Bold Elegant Hues – Imagine deep, royal-inspired shades of purple intertwined with light browns and off whites

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Consider Your Table Layout

Facing one another, sitting across on a long rectangular table… there are numerous options for how your wedding reception can be laid out. It’s important to take a moment to consider this detail in the planning process because how everything is laid out will affect the overall vibe and ambiance of the reception. Here are some considerations to make:

  • Everyone Will Want to See – Every guest at your reception is there to see you, so try to arrange the tables so there isn’t a bad seat in the house.
  • Delicate Ears – Try to seat grandparents and anyone with delicate ears or hearing as far from the DJ or music area as possible.
  • Honor Your VIPs – Family members should always be at the tables closest to the head table.
  • Drinks and Music – Ideally, the bar(s) is near the dance floor. If space allows, consider adding a few cocktail tables near the bar.

rustic chic wedding ideas - foodCulinary Offerings

After the decor, the cuisine of a wedding reception really sets the tone and ambiance. Rustic chic is a relatively specific wedding style, which will help narrow down your cuisine considerations. Also, bear in mind that your future chosen venue may or may not limit your imagination in this area, be sure to correspond with the venue to find out what sort of options you have.

  • Consider the time of year. If it’s a summer wedding, avoid comfort food and opt for light and refreshing, for example.
  • Choose foods that are in season, once you know what ingredients you have available to work with, you can start to plan out the menu.  

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Custom Libations

Serving custom libations in between the ceremony and the reception is a nice way to transition from the serious romance part of the wedding to the fun-loving party-style of the reception. For example, Natirar mixologists offer infused vodkas (jalapeno, citrus, even beet!), and infused simple syrups with herbs from the farm. 

Whether your have more than a year to plan, or just under a year, consider each important detail of your rustic chic wedding will help you start to create the wedding of your dreams. Your wedding will be one of the most important and beautiful days of your life so far, and we hope it turns out as perfect as can be.

Keep all of your ideas together and bring them with you while venue shopping. As you look around at different venues, you might find that the venue you choose also helps inspire more, or different, wedding ideas. One of the most enchanting and ideal rustic wedding venues is at Natirar, peacefully tucked away into the rolling hills of Somerset County in New Jersey. Featuring a variety of venue options, including a Tudor-styled mansion built in 1912, Natirar is rustic wedding venue dream-come-true. To explore the venue options and get visual ideas of what your wedding could look like, click on the image below.

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