Why Nature’s Beauty and Abundance is Crucial to the Success of Corporate Meetings

corporate meeting ideas

When it comes to planning an effective corporate meeting event, there are many details to consider. Figuring out the why, when, how, and where are all key to getting the proverbial ball rolling. With so much time, energy, and resources being poured into the planning and execution of the event, it goes without saying that all parties involved want to see it succeed.

To get the highest intellectual return on your meeting investment, consider the role of nature.

What do trees, clouds, and grass have to do with the success of an indoor meeting? Surprisingly, quite a lot.

For Corporate Meeting Ideas Nature Reigns – Here’s Why

Nature Helps With Mental Fatigue

After sitting for hours at a time, listening to speakers, participating in discussions, or brainstorming ideas, it’s common for meeting participants to experience mental fatigue. According to Business Insider, exposing oneself to a “restorative environment” can help kick one’s mind back into gear. If your meeting is being held somewhere more rural, with an abundance of nature surrounding the meeting location, the participants will have chances to restore their minds. Restored minds are working minds!

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corporate meeting ideasNature Relieves Stress

We all must face the bold truth – modern society is hard on us. We are overworked, overstimulated, and overstressed as a result. Many of our sympathetic nervous systems are always turned on – the fight of flight system. The system that keeps us alert and ready yet drains all our energy in the process. Even if the corporate meeting event isn’t particularly stressful in and of itself, it’s likely the participants have arrived already stressed, or feel overwhelmed with the idea of spending time at the event instead of at their desks. Nature heals stress, according to science and the National Geographic. Windows with beautiful views, short walks through expansive natural landscapes are all actions that have shown to reduce stress.

Nature Improves Concentration

Hours spent indoors and staring at screens weighs on concentration. Nature, as it turns out, is quite the concentration healer. After a few hours of concentration depletion, studies show that a walk through nature, note – not an urban environment, aids in replenishing one’s ability to concentrate. One study done to observe the effects of nature on children with ADHD has fascinating results. The children were split into three groups, one group went for a walk through a park, the second went for a walk through a downtown, and the third went for a walk around the neighborhood. The children who went for the walk through the park were able to concentrate significantly better than the other two groups.

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Nature Sharpens Thinking and Creativity

corporate meeting ideas

One reason for corporate meeting events is to gather the best and brightest and develop new ideas or products. If there was something fairly simple you could do to help ensure those bright minds were at their sharpest and most creative, would you do it? We’re thinking yes! Once again, the answer is nature. According to the Nature Conservancy, spending more time in, and surrounded by, nature helps to improve creativity and sharpens thinking.

Simply by holding your corporate meeting in a more naturalistic setting can work more wonders on the productivity and mental health of your meeting’s participants than nearly any other factor. If you were already planning on scouting out locations outside of the office for the next meeting event, it might help to narrow down your search by seeking out naturally beautiful venue options. Rather than opting for an urban venue, it’s time to #optoutside. This doesn’t mean hold the meeting outside, but rather look for venues that have a greater nature-to-building ratio.

The meeting event venue at Natirar Resort is one such place. Nestled in the beautiful, unspoiled, countryside of Somerset County, New Jersey, Natirar Resort is a sight for sore eyes. Natirar features several distinct venues, which range from casual sophistication to grand elegance, all including the service expertise and technology expected at a modern conference destination. Go ahead, book your next corporate event at Natirar Resort, and let our abundance of nature inspire and restore the minds of your team. Your greatest creations and results are just around the corner.



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